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Understanding exactly ‘who’ will be visiting your website and ‘why’ they have done so will greatly increase your chances of a successful conversion. Take for example a Website that generates leads for a family dentist. Their Website visitors are likely to be seeking specific information concerning new patients, location, hours of operation, and perhaps, areas of expertise. In this example, the Home Page menu may want to offer just a few simple navigation options, in order to keep the site visitor engaged and prevent an early exit.

Website visitors may judge your online offering in much the same way they do your physical location and staff. Avoid too much, too soon, instead, quickly connect them with information that most likely answers their needs. Here are 5 key elements you want your Website to offer visitors:

1. Get to the point quickly

At a glance, can first time visitors identify what your core competencies are? Build your brand messaging around your key product or service and how it may directly benefit prospective buyers.

2. Limit Home Page choices

We all like a bit of variety sometimes, but a Website visitor that is greeted with too many navigation options may begin to feel frustrated -strike 1. Try to funnel your traffic into 3 or 4 areas that will easily develop into sub-menus and appropriate sub-sections of the site. You can then better understand what may nudge them to the ultimate goal of your site.

3. Easy contact options

Some of your customers may prefer to get in touch via email versus a phone call and vice-versa. Making it a struggle for prospects to ask for assistance in the way that they desire is a major turnoff in today’s e-commerce world, and may cause your business to lose opportunities. Whether it’s a click to Skype, online chatting modules or Social Media chatter, today’s Web technology offers virtually endless means of communication with your clientele and you can incorporate them all onto your Website for little or no cost.

4. Enough information

Chances are better that you will get a prospect calling or visiting your business because you have provided at least a few details about specific products or services, opposed to being intentionally vague. Some businesses feel that it’s a good strategy to withhold certain details, in order to prompt more incoming calls or walk-in traffic, when it is more likely to have the opposite effect.

5. Pricing

This is a tough one, since consumers have it all too easy these days and can compare your offering to your competition in the blink of an eye. You may consider offering online exclusive pricing and/or products to prevent your margins from eroding elsewhere. However, do keep in mind that just because you hide from the ‘product & price game’ online, it may not grant you immunity indefinitely. A large number of your prospects have likely already compared your offering to your competition, possibly even while standing in your office or showroom, via a mobile browser. They may have even accessed your WiFi to accomplish this.

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