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SEO: Structure, Content, Activity.

Savvy Kelowna businesses seem to understand that good content and clean architecture on your website is a great first step for SEO. That alone may not be enough to get you to a top SERP (Search Engine Results Page), particularly if your industry and targeted keywords are highly competitive.

Search Engine Values.

Gone are the days where you could simply stuff your website pages with favourable keywords, or paste your web URL onto every open directory and editable area in cyberspace to gain a positive ranking. Major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have an advanced intelligence and are scoring your site’s authority & rank, based on several hundred elements. This is typically why your search queries almost always return quality and relevant results.Search engines determine your website’s keyword authority primarily on rich content and measure some of its weight on sharing activity, which may include discussions, blog entries and social bookmarking, particularly when they are taking place on relative and credible forums. All of these activities, while great for your website’s linking profile, can require a lot of hard work and consistency to have any measurable impact. Surprisingly, most search engine marketers overlook the most basic steps of SEO through proper content architecture and best practice guidelines.

SEO Kelowna

SEO Marketing.

There are a large number of Kelowna SEO companies, and hundreds throughout Canada. While that number seems to climb everyday, experts predict seeing that trend flatten or decline in the near future. Once a big business, unnaturally manipulating search engines through shortcut methods, is becoming increasingly difficult, and certainly so-called “black hat” methodology, such as link-farming, link-wheeling and spam-blogging, are quickly going by the wayside as a means to form a real marketing solution. Many dedicated SEO companies who use traditional strategies are struggling, as positive ranking results for their clients are quickly evaporating. The primary reason for this shift is the continuation of advanced intelligence of today’s search engine. Simply put, search engines are focused on delivering its users quality results and are on the lookout for good page content and a positive user experience.

What’s Changed.

Many years ago, search engines would measure your website’s “authority” on just a few, simple elements such as keyword density, number of back-links and domain age. Search engines today audit and explore on several hundred complex elements, many of which they choose not to reveal to prevent manipulation. Surprisingly, many SEO marketing companies are still practicing in the technological stone ages by building bad links (spam), writing articles/press releases and posting this content to websites that are penalized, or known only for SEO tactics and not readership.

Ask Questions.

Before signing with any Kelowna SEO company on any campaign, ask tough questions about your own results, ROI; what you can expect and when. Get it in writing and get specific. If there are no minimum guideline guarantees, we say run away and find a real SEO company. Use a keyword tool to determine if there’s reasonable search activity for the keywords you are targeting, understanding that only a fraction of search traffic will click on your link – even if you are on the first page or top 3.


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