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Is Your Business Stuck in an Advertising Rut?

If you’re a business owner or marketing manager in a competitive climate, chances are you can cite many successes or complete failures involving invested marketing dollars over the years. Most savvy advertisers believe traditional media has long since lost its luster as an effective marketing vehicle, leaving most searching for innovative ways to communicate their brand image in front of a target audience.

The Digital Marketing Advantage.

In contrast to traditional media such as print, radio or television, digital marketing enables advertisers to create a focused, powerful connection with their target audience, while allowing real-time variable control over their advertising spend. Digital marketing can elevate businesses toward generating substantial returns on investment, providing detailed feedback on visitor conversions (goal completions), interactions, all with detailed budget analyses. Knowing where your advertising is succeeding or failing will help avoid costly marketing mistakes and can justify larger investments into channels that perform.

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Online Advertising Options.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

If you’re looking for meaningful advertising results, PPC campaigns should be an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Pay-per-click advertisers enjoy the benefits of knowing they will only need to pay when users engage with their ads; therefore, ad visibility and, to a certain degree, performance, is assured.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The main problem with managing your social media and internet marketing channels effectively is that it takes time –time you should spend running your business. Purple Pig can help create a social media management strategy that will give your business a powerful online presence, generating exposure and new opportunities for your brand. Whether you’ve just opened a small business or are a CEO of a large company, we offer flexible solutions for every level and budget. Our social media and internet marketing services include:

Google Ads Remarketing

If you invest in a Google Ads, including a remarketing strategy can be an effective tool to help increase conversions. Utilizing remarketing means that your ads can be set to follow your past site visitors as they browse the internet. You can further customize your remarketing strategy to follow only those users that have taken certain actions or viewed specific content on your website, such as a product or service page. Since a vast majority of users won’t convert on their initial visit to your website, remarketing helps bring them back, ultimately improving your chances of winning a customer.

Display Advertising

If you’d like a broader reach, display advertising may be the right choice for you. Display ads are especially effective for businesses whose offers are clearly defined, such as a product and price. With this option, your eye-catching display ad appears on display networks and social channels, optimized for your specific target markets. Our dedicated specialists can also tailor a brand awareness campaign through online display advertising.

Lead & Conversion Tracking.

When you invest marketing dollars, you need to know whether your advertising spend is turning leads into customers.

Utilizing conversion tracking helps you easily identify high-performing campaigns, while spotlighting total breakdowns. Whether you favour Google Ads, display advertising, or utilize other online campaigns, the addition of conversion tracking will allow you to gather important data about how users are responding to your advertising. With conversion tracking, you’re not flying blind with your marketing efforts, as performance data is available in real time. We can help you understand exactly how your digital campaigns are generating business, along with any changes you may need to make along the way.

Define Customer Conversions & Goal Completions.

Think of successful conversions as the actions you want users to take when they interact with your website. Depending on your business, goal completions could include users making a purchase, submitting a contact form or initiating contact by another method. Subscribing to a newsletter, watching a promotional video or engaging with a business via ‘live chat’ are all additional examples of ‘conversions’. Our marketing specialists can help you define and track conversions for your own business.

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