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SEO: Great Content & User Experience.

Even if you’ve done your best to keep informed and up to date about Internet marketing and SEO, your info may still be obsolete. If your business territory includes Victoria, you’re probably battling for search engine ranking positions within a very competitive industry. Businesses that are somewhat savvy understand the need to create quality content and ensure their website visitors enjoy a unique experience that match search queries. Clean and easily indexable architecture with URLs, page titles and headlines that contain targeted keywords is a great first step for SEO. Good content and structure alone may not be enough to get your domain into a top 5 Google rank, particularly if you are targeting competitive keywords.

What Search Engines Value.

If you’re trying to overtake your competition by stuffing your web pages with keywords, think again. Keyword stuffed content & page titles often have the opposite effect, even if your web pages offer great content for your visitors. Abusing keyword integration with the sole intention of manipulating search rankings will likely bring harm to your website. Obviously, you’ll want to include keywords within the content, just make sure you use them in their natural context, while not overdoing it.

Search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google are sophisticated enough to understand the depth and quality of your content and can index elements that support your website’s page topics, such as images, rich media and video.

But domain authority and PageRank are not scored solely on the 4-corners of your website’s content offering. Search engines also determine much of your website’s popularity and relevance  by measuring the quantity and quality of backlinks that point to your domain. Backlinks, also known as inbound or incoming links, are hyperlinks from other web domains that point back to your own. Backlinks can be manually created through link and directory submissions, or can grow naturally through social media sharing, discussions and content that people want to link to. The more interesting visitors find your content, the more likely they are to share and discuss it, naturally creating inbound links derived through social media bookmarks and forums that may directly relate to your industry.

Is SEO Dead?

With the vast number of Victoria SEO companies, and thousands throughout Canada, it seems virtually every advertising and marketing company can offer to sell some type of SEO or Internet marketing solution. While the Internet marketing landscape continues to change, SEO businesses will live on provided there are practices that can be implemented to improve website rankings for their customers. Most searches for businesses begin online, businesses want to be seen and there are companies that can help tilt the proverbial playing field.

Old school shortcuts, such as article spinning, link-farming and spam blogging have gone by the wayside as highly sophisticated search engines and improved algorithms have eliminated their SEO values. These commonly known “black-hat” techniques not only have little or no impact on keyword rankings, they may in fact cause your domain to be penalized. More advanced Victoria SEO companies will employ the use of more grassroots strategies, with a content and user first approach. Using these more positive and organic practices may prevent your domain from falling victim to major algorithm updates such as “Panda” and “Hummingbird”.

web design & website designer kamloops
web design & website designer kamloops

Who to Hire for SEO in Victoria.

Before you hire any Victoria SEO company, ask tough questions about what you can expect and when you can expect it. Ask for references to see if they have experience getting good results for clients within highly competitive industries, because, let’s face it, anybody can rank a website for keywords barely anyone is targeting. If there are no milestones offered or minimum deliverables, you will likely never see a return on investment -walk away. Do your research and use Google’s Keyword Planner to determine if you are targeting keywords that make sense and may have potential to yield a good amount of organic traffic to your website.


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