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How to Choose the Right Victoria Web Designer.

If you have been charged with the task of finding a Victoria web design company for your business, you may want to assess possible candidates on elements that are beyond ‘nice portfolios’. Many get excited when they view a portfolio page that suits their design tastes and hastily wrap up their decision making process, closing the door on other, more qualified, candidates. A website has the potential to bring your company significant opportunities and new revenue streams, so it’s reasonable to regard this as a investment decision like any other. Don’t be afraid to ask a design agency for references you can speak with directly, or check out their online reviews on Google and Yelp.

While finding website designers that employ creativity, style and mobile compatibility in their work will be important, there are other elements that you need to consider, that are even more critical. A good developer will be able to follow your direction for design concepts and layout, so aesthetics very nearly take a back seat to other design attributes. It’ll be important to understand whether your candidate can deliver on components that relate to business and return on investment, as much as creating a website that is alluring and user-friendly.

Search Engine Friendly Design.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘SEO’ (search engine optimization) before but may not know what exactly it means and why it might be important. You’re not alone. SEO is something a developer includes as part of their overall design and when utilizing best practice techniques, search engines will find your website and its pages interesting enough to index and include when delivering top matching results to people using keywords to find your business. Sadly, chances are more likely that you’ll find a web designer that doesn’t know how to properly optimize a website, opposed to finding one who can. Eliminating web designers who don’t know SEO will be easy. You only need to Google search those using keywords one might assume they would be targeting, such as: “Victoria web design” or “Victoria SEO“. If you can’t find your web designer listed on the first page, this may be a good indication that they are incapable of properly optimizing a website.

WordPress, Joomla & Other Content Management Systems.

It isn’t uncommon to hear complaints about website designers that hold all the cards, when it comes to accessing your website and its pages. After all, a website is your property and just as you would want access and control of all company assets, you should have complete control of your online property, as well. Adding a page or updating your website content should be as simple and straightforward as composing an email. Even technology novices find working with popular content management systems, such as WordPress and Joomla reasonably basic. Being able to carry out minor changes and updates to your own website will enable you to keep your website current and relevant, while saving you a small fortune in shop charges. Ask your developer about CMS (content management systems) and how easy or difficult it will be to make changes to your site, post-launch. If they aren’t using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, you may want to look elsewhere for a designer.


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How Much Does a Website Cost?

Unless you are including specialized functionality, such as e-commerce or other interactive elements, the cost for a new website should fall comfortably within many budgets, even if you are part of the 94% that make up small businesses in Victoria, or 98% of small businesses in BC. Cost really comes down to shop time and experience level. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for, however, paying too much is also an unfortunate commonality within the web design industry.

In the Victoria area, among web designers that operate truly legitimate businesses, the range typically falls between about $500 all the way up to $8,000, for the most basic of designs. Some companies start low with the ‘add on’ and ‘up sell’ strategy, while others feel top dollar is justified by their past works. Cheap designs, such as those that are created by free online templates, slapped together by your nephew, may scare away opportunities by offering a sub-standard user experience and surrendering to your competition.


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