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So your new website is live – now what? What if you need to update outdated info, add new pages & photos, or maybe introduce a few menu navigation options? If your intention is to manage your own website once it launches, what’s important to understand is how easy or difficult the back end platform will be to interact with. This program interface is known as a “CMS”, short for “Content Management System,” and some are extremely challenging to navigate for everyday users. Most Purple Pig websites are all built on a CMS called “WordPress“. WordPress has been rated by many as the one of the world’s most popular and user friendly platforms available, and for good reason. Your WordPress dashboard is where you can easily modify and make changes to your website content, add photos or new product pages, quickly and easily. No expensive software required, you will only need a web browser and Internet connection.

Google Analytics

All of our website design projects will include the installation and configuration of Google Analytics. More than just a traffic counter, Google Analytics will help you with measuring the results of your Google AdWords campaign, while identifying critical elements of your website visitor activity. It can provide historical data and statistics such as page views, top referring domains and top keywords your customers are using to find your website. Google Analytics can provide other useful data, such as the browsers and screen resolutions your visitors are using, along with the country or city of those visitors. The Analytics data is an inside window that will help you determine where your website design is strong and where it may fall short.

WordPress Plugins (Website Add-Ons)

Anytime you need to add functionality to your website, such as an interactive form, image sliders, events calendar, bell or whistle, you’ll need to install a new module. These modules are known as “plugins” or “widgets”, which are essentially HTML code blocks, saving you hours of labour intensive code writing. Once installed, these modules can be activated on your website, or integrated onto specific pages.

Many WordPress plugins come complete with customizable menu options and user-friendly dashboards that allow you to modify attributes such as size and colour, along with a wide array of behavioural functionality. No fancy HTML code writing necessary – simply download, install and activate. To date, there are over 31,000 plugins available through WordPress and a vast majority are available for absolutely no cost. This is why Purple Pig loves WordPress!


Whether you’re a startup or multi-million dollar organization, we’re up for anything.

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