On the hunt for a Cranbrook web design company that can create a bold, new look for your business? You won’t have too much trouble finding an agency that may fit the bill, as there are plenty of web designers in Cranbrook and throughout British Columbia. With such abundance of selection and available technology that can help those who are more tech savvy design on their own, it’s a wonder that any Cranbrook web designers can even stay in business. Website design itself can be easy for some; however, building a website that will generate sales and create new business opportunities for your company is an entirely different matter.

Low Cost Website Designs.

How much does it cost to build a website? A fair question. If you don’t believe that a website can be an effective sales tool and generate any new revenue or leads for your company, this would appear more as an expense than an investment and understandably, you’d be looking to minimize the cost. We all know people in our circle of friends or in our family that can build a website for little more than a few hundred bucks. What you may typically end up with, through this lower cost alternative, is a website that doesn’t represent your brand image well and will ultimately have a tough time returning any investment for your business, regardless of how little you shell out. On the other hand, professional web designers can offer you much more. Provided you want your business to be represented with a professional image, drive web traffic, and ultimately get the phone ringing, you want to consider investing a bit more. Before you spend a cent, make sure you have a marketing plan in place to get your website visible through search engines. After all, a website isn’t worth the kilobytes it occupies if nobody can find it through a Google search. A website that is buried under your competition is money and opportunity that is wasted.

Cranbrook Website Design Prices.

While we aren’t making any grand claims to be the lowest price web design agency in Cranbrook, we certainly don’t shy away from any direct questions around our rates -see our rates page by clicking here. Most businesses are after the best overall value, and it isn’t always about the cheapest bid. As our past clients can attest, we can portray your brand messaging the right way. Our website designs are clean, beautiful and offer outstanding value. We’re a locally owned and operated website design company and we love helping Cranbrook businesses find success online.

Do You Even Need A Website?

Just about every website design company will tell you that every business must have a website, bar none. We disagree. Websites need to both serve a purpose and provide a return on investment. One could argue that the expectations from today’s consumers are there and that businesses will either invest in a website or get their lunch eaten by a competitor. But consider how many Cranbrook businesses that do just fine without any web presence at all. Where do you shop? Has a website or the Internet influenced your decision to shop at the corner grocer or buy a sandwich at the deli? While websites and social media channels are great for client communication, they won’t typically generate returns for your company without a realistic game plan to either keep or create business for your company.


Whether you’re a startup or multi-million dollar organization, we’re up for anything.

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