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Vernon Website Design.

In today’s competitive business climate, more companies are choosing to invest their marketing dollars and resources into Internet marketing mediums, such as website design, than ever before. If you’re on the hunt for a Vernon website design company, you shouldn’t have to search very far, as there are plenty of website designers in Vernon –and everywhere else in the Okanagan. Supply and demand are constantly escalating and the choices for website designers and Internet marketers are abundant. Larger organizations, with generous marketing budgets, have the resources to employ full-time web design personnel in-house, making it challenging for smaller, independent businesses to match their online activity. Inevitably, this creates demand and opportunity for web designers and SEO companies, who can work with disadvantaged organizations and help level the playing field.

Web Development Costs.

If all website designs were created equally, answers to questions surrounding costs would be easily answered. Sometimes web developers make funny faces, scratch their heads, let off big sighs or even make squinty, painful faces when you ask about website design rates. Getting a straight answer to your price related questions from some Vernon web design companies can sometimes be a long and drawn out process. At Purple Pig. we don’t claim to be the lowest priced website design company in Vernon, but we will go toe-to-toe with any agency for quality and creativity. Like many Vernon businesses, you aren’t likely to have a bottomless marketing budget but may like a web design agency to show you quality, creativity and value. We offer great websites for as low as $999 and will likely have a great solution for virtually any size business and budget.


The Brands You Trust, Trust Us.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes to create the best web and brand designs — all while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

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We Say “No” to Cheap Shortcuts.

If your website design didn’t matter much, you’d likely have one built already, possibly through a low cost or DIY solution. In fact, you may be like most people and know that certain someone within the family that build websites for very little or no money. Maybe that friend of a friend, offered you a favour, generously offering to build you a so-called ‘basic website’ in exchange for a dinner. These affordable web design solutions, as tempting as they may be, do little more than occupy kilobytes in cyberspace. ‘Cheap websites’ all come with common similarities such as will badly written content, ‘cheesy’ stock images, pages that take forever to load, and when all is said and done, will not contribute much, if anything, for your business. Professional website designers can save you time and aggravation because they typically possess the skills and experience to provide your business with a professional image, drive web traffic, and create opportunities for new business.

Does Your Company Need A Website?

While most Vernon web designers will tell you the answer to the above question is unequivocally “yes”, we would say “not necessarily”. There certainly aren’t hard and fast rules that dictate that a website is for every business out there. Of course, in this day & age, where technology and Internet access are never out of arm’s reach, expectations from your clients to have a web presence of some kind are there. By that same token, you can probably name several Vernon businesses that are doing a booming business without any web presence at all. As with any initiative you embark on, investing in website designs and search engine marketing should come with a plan to recoup ROI.

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