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In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, your potential customers most often begin their searches online. Understanding this, like any successful modern business, you want to attract attention and visits to your website; the question is, how?

Because search engines look for certain features when ranking pages, earning your company or organization a top ranking among relevant searches means looking to Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. While some try to target keywords they feel will register with various search engines, it’s a mistake. In fact, clogging your index and body with unnecessary keywords simply to manipulate internet search rankings can actually have the exact opposite effect. Yes, integrating keywords into the content is important, but ensuring you use them in their natural context, without going overboard, is the first step in getting the results you want.

Google, Yahoo, Bing and similar search engines have the sophistication to understand the scope and quality of a site’s content and can index elements that support page topics, such as images, video and rich media.

However, that’s not the whole story.

To determine a site’s relevance, search engines also measure the quantity and quality of back-links pointing to your domain. These hyperlinks from other sites can be manually created through link and directory submissions, or can grow naturally through social media sharing and industry-related discussion platforms. The essential component for growth, then, is interesting content: the more interesting your content, the more likely it is people will share it, naturally creating these back-links to your website.

Using Content and Design for Vancouver SEO.

In the fast-changing field of internet marketing and SEO, keeping abreast of the latest developments and innovations can be challenging – even more so for businesses striving to top search engine rankings in a busy metro area like Vancouver. However, savvy businesses and Internet marketers understand the importance of creating quality content and ensuring website visitors discover a unique website that reflects their search.

While interesting, accessible content may not always be enough, especially in a competitive industry, pairing that content with clean, easy-to-index website design featuring URLs, page titles and headlines containing targeted keywords are great first steps for SEO. As Internet marketing continues to evolve, successful Vancouver SEO businesses are evolving with it. Outdated practices such as article spinning, link-farming and spam blogging are ineffectual in SEO thanks to search engines and algorithm improvements, which may negatively affect your site.

Successful Vancouver SEO companies are prioritizing content and supporting the needs of the user. Such positive, organic practices may also protect your website’s success in face of major algorithm updates such as “Panda” and “Hummingbird” that can target less-effective end-runs.

Choosing the Right Vancouver SEO Company.

Your Vancouver SEO company should clearly explain what you can expect from your SEO campaign and when. Specific benchmarks should be readily set to help you monitor the effectiveness of their efforts and your investment. If they won’t commit, neither should you. Ask for – and check – references, especially from any of their clients in highly competitive industries. What kind of quantifiable SEO campaign results have they seen? Finally, do your own due diligence with an online keyword tool or Google’s Keyword Planner to determine if the keywords you’re using are the best ones to drive traffic – and business – to your website.


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