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Shopping around for a Prince George web design company? Website designers are practically a dime a dozen so you’ll likely have many options. You may also be browsing around for website design rates, trying to get a sense of just how much you need to invest in a new website design or redesign for your business.

Web designers seem to say a lot of scary things like “it depends,” when you ask about pricing or rate information. At Purple Pig, we aren’t afraid of answering a direct question like this. Simply refer to our rates page for some general information that may help.

While not all websites are created equally, we’re happy to provide you with our rates while you outline a budget. While pricing things out, be sure to consider the following elements:

  • Website design & development costs
  • Logo design (if needed)
  • Image licensing (photos for your website)
  • Image licensing (photos for your website)
  • Domain name registration (

Low Cost Website Design.

We’ve all seen the ‘do it yourself’ website builders, which offer you websites for free or some for just a few dollars a month. As tempting as these offers are, save yourself the time, money and energy. For many businesses, cheap websites fall short of creating a distinct brand image and may do little more than occupy a lonely and desolate domain on the internet with no visitors to show for all your effort. Many of these sites will typically be written with bad spelling or grammar, and may never return any investment for your business, regardless of how little you invest. Professional website designers have the skills and training that can create new opportunities for new business online, by driving quality web traffic, and ultimately winning you sales leads and/or online orders. After all, a well designed and effective website will act as a critical sales tool for your company, operating 24-hours per day. It’s for this reason, you may consider investing a bit more on your website. Your business is worth it.

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Rate Info.

Getting answers to questions about website design rates from some companies can be a tall order. Understandably, nobody wants a one-size-fits-all website design solution, but most people really would like some straight answers, even if it’s of the ballpark variety. While we don’t make any claims to be the lowest priced Prince George website design company, we certainly don’t shy away from discussions around our rates. Most businesses we talk to are after the best overall value and not necessarily the lowest rate. As all of our past clients can attest, we can portray your brand messaging the right way. Our website designs are creative, simple and offer outstanding value. We’re a family owned and operated website design company and we love building success for local businesses.

“Everyone Knows Me, I Don’t Need a Website”.

Perhaps not. Most people in the web design business might say you do need a website, but there are no hard and fast rules that say every business must have one. These days most of your customers will expect your business to offer information online, however, you can probably think of many Prince George businesses that do just fine without any web presence at all. As with any marketing strategy you initiate, Internet marketing should really be about a measurable return on your investment. While websites are usually great for client communication, they won’t necessarily generate revenue for your company without a good strategy to do so.

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Search Engine Marketing Plan.

Launching a website doesn’t automatically mean visitor traffic will start flowing in, and some businesses have discovered this the hard way. Whether you invest a few hundred bucks, or tens of thousands into building a website, a website void of visitors is simply a waste of time and money. You’ll need to be realistic about your traffic expectations and plan out specifically how you will attract traffic to your website before you build one. There are many ways to draw visitor traffic to your website, whether it’s advertising referrals, linking or an SEO campaign that will grow your keyword rankings through major search engines. Just don’t make the mistake of believing that your website will somehow just magically get a good “Google ranking” all on its own -because it won’t. Whether you are targeting visitor traffic locally in Prince George or globally, you may find it challenging to achieve a top ranking search result for keywords, particularly if you are developing a new website and have an abundance of competitors.


Whether you’re a startup or multi-million dollar organization, we’re up for anything.

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