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Since today’s technology allows us to carefully track our Web marketing results, right down to painstaking detail, why not take full advantage?

Web traffic tools, such as Google Analytics can provide you with much more than the sheer number of visits on your Website. Analytics tools can let you know details, such as where your site’s visitors are located, what devices they’re using to access the Web or even what keywords they used to find your site.


If the ultimate goal of your Website is to have visitors contact you, either by calling or emailing, it might make sense to measure your traffic against this contact activity. Any type of inbound contact by a Website visitor is known as a successful “conversion”. Savvy businesses post unique phone numbers or email addresses on their Websites, in order to easily measure their site’s conversion ratio.

If you are unhappy with your conversion ratios, you may want to have a good look at your Website Design and Analytics data to determine where things are derailing and why people are leaving without ever contacting you.