Free Online Web Design Tools

Our favourite online web design tools and software that will help you manage, develop and market your website -all are absolutely free!

What’s My SERP?

Keep a close eye on rankings for your targeted keywords with this fantastic Internet marketing program. This online SEO tool allows you to audit your Google ranking for individual keywords and directly compare them against your competition. If you take the time to register a username and password, the website retains keyword entries and all the reports you run so you can easily analyze the historical data. This saves time and effort compared with recording you ranks manually. The ranking information is fed through in real time, so users can receive the most updated reports on a daily basis. Website:

Pixlr Photo Editor

Still refusing to invest in image editing software while trying to edit your website photos with MS Paint? If so, consider bookmarking this online tool. We like to call this one the “poor man’s Photoshop”, which provides you with dozens of similar functions to that of premium software. Easily upload photos from your computer, online library, or simply copy and paste from an image URL. In seconds you can crop, smear, colourize, re-size  motion blur, layer -or do whatever your project calls for. Advanced users will enjoy creating layered images or taking full advantage of the cloning tool. When you’re done you can save the edited images back to your PC, ready for uploading to your website library. Website:

iDashboard Analytics

If you’re someone who can’t go 15 minutes without checking on your site traffic & activity, this iPhone/iPad App is for you. Download for free, and login with Google’s 2-step verification process. While iDashboard provides the most critical information, such as site visits, goal conversions and page views at no cost, more detailed data is available when you upgrade to the pro version ($5.99). Available for download at the App Store, or for more info visit:

HTML Code Writer

This is a great resource to obtain colour and font codes for writing in HTML. The interactive table allows intermediately skilled web designers to either click on the colour gradient, or create a customized colour, using the colour picker. The table will instantly provide you with the corresponding HTML code for your chosen colour. The built-in online HTML editor, allows you to simply write text into an editable form, choose your font style, colour and ultimately convert it all into HTML code, ready for copying and pasting. Website:

SEM Rush

If you’re wondering what keywords you are ranking for across Canada and around the world, this is a great tool for you. The interactive Website provides you with advanced information on keywords that you are currently ranking for, along with historical data on keywords you have ranked for in the past. Compare your rankings and search traffic with your competition, or understand what keywords they’ve got over you and are perhaps targeting. A great offering without paying a penny, or $79.95 per month upgrades you to the full pro version. Website:

Google Analytics

This is one of those can’t live without Webmaster tools. While most people are familiar with GA, we still meet many who are not. The online software allows you to study entry and exit habits of all of your website visitors, in real time or historically. Understanding how potential customers are discovering your website, what keywords searches get them there and what your most & least popular pages are go a long way to help improve your conversion ratio & user experience. You can even set conversion goals that compare and track visitor behaviours of your AdWords campaign traffic. Website:

Stock Free Images

Good quality imagery that are both license and royalty free is harder to source than one might think. Copying images from random websites can get you in a whole heap of trouble. Stock Xchng offers thousands of photos from people, to objects, to nature. The use of good graphics and photos are critical to your website’s positive user experience. Free registration is required for use. Website:

IP Mask

Does your business reach into the US markets? Interested to know how Google is ranking your site for keywords south of the border? Because search engines are geo-targeting you, manually checking your US ranking results from a Canadian location is difficult, without the use of a SERP checker or some other means. While there are several websites that offer IP masking services, we found this one to be practical, easy to use and free of charge. No software install required. Website: IPMask.US

GTMetrix Speed Analysis

Have your website speed tested and identify any page loading or page caching issues in just a few seconds. GTMetrix will provide a detailed report on where your major issues lie, in order of priority. A well optimized site will not only improve your conversion ratio and user experience, it will also improve your site’s SERP ranking. Website:

Back-Link Watch

Backlink Watch
Because some SEO factors revolve around your website’s linking profile, this web tool will assist you in discovering where your inbound links are originating, what anchor text is being utilized and the originating domain’s PageRank. You can also make use of this tool to uncover critical information about your competitor’s linking profile (cue the evil laugh). Website: